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  • Cat and shepherd dog outdoor in the snowstorm

    Cold Weather Advisory: Your Winter Pet Care Questions Answered

    Jan 09 2017

    It’s relatively easy for us humans to take care of ourselves in cold weather.  We wear warm coats, hats, and gloves; seal up the cracks in our homes against the…

  • Forever Meow: Understanding Senior Cat Care

    Dec 09 2016

    As your cat’s constant companion, you know what it takes to make them happy, safe, and healthy. But, as time goes by you may notice certain changes in your cat’s…

  • black and white cat christmas photo

    Holiday Pet Tips: Keep This Season a Happy One

    Nov 07 2016

    The holidays mean taking some time to reflect on everything for which we are grateful – and that includes our precious pets. As valued family members, our animal companions always…

  • Applying product for parasites prevention on dogs pet

    The Myth of Seasonal-Only Pet Parasite Prevention

    Oct 10 2016

    Although summer heralds the arrival of many different creepy crawlies, there is some confusion about when pest season ends. Truthfully, it never does. While summer may be peak season for…

  • Mosquito on Cats nose

    The Heart of the Matter: Heartworm Disease in Cats and Ferrets

    Sep 13 2016

    Mosquitoes have a pretty bad reputation. They are responsible for the spread of Malaria, West Nile Virus, and the Zika Virus, which has gained a lot of popularity recently. They…

  • brown and black puppy in asphalt

    September is National Disaster Preparedness Month

    Sep 07 2016

    We never like to think that we will encounter a disaster such as a fire, flood, natural disaster, or other emergencies, but no one is immune to disasters, not even…

  • ill labrador retriever with tongue sticking out

    Recognizing a Pet Emergency

    Aug 08 2016

    When it comes to pets, knowing what is and isn’t an emergency can be difficult. Of course, sometimes there is no question, but especially when it comes to exotic pets…

  • veterinarian checking cats teeth

    Happy And Healthy: The Importance Of Wellness Care For Pets

    Jul 12 2016

    Have you ever wondered why we schedule your pet for a once or twice yearly wellness examination? Perhaps you’ve shrugged off a few of these exams, thinking that your pet…

  • microchip ad


    Jun 22 2016

    After a successful checkup, Miles’ veterinarian talked to his owner about the importance of microchipping. His owner insisted that Miles was under constant supervision, and decided that microchipping him was…

  • royal canin promotion

    Genetic Health Analysis

    Jun 22 2016

    PPEAH is excited to now offer Genetic Health Analysis, also known as DNA testing, for your dog! Through Royal Canin DNA testing, we are able to let you know the…