Jun 03 2020

Are You Sufficiently Entertaining Your Indoor Cat?

Cats have reputations for being relatively easy pets. They sleep a lot, don’t require daily walks or runs, and generally keep a quiet schedule. As a result of the widespread perception of indoor-only cats, their social needs sometimes go unmet. They not only require daily mental and physical exercise, they deserve it. 

So, if you’re not sure whether you’re adequately entertaining your indoor cat, you’ve come to the right place.

Is Safe… Better?

Strong evidence supports the idea of keeping your cat inside. Not only will they be protected from possible fights with other animals, but restricting access to the outdoors can keep them safe from infectious diseases. Likewise, they won’t be victims of automobile accidents, falls, or possible separation.

But while this lifestyle is safer in the long run, is the tradeoff to their mental health worth it?

It Can Be

Sure, cats allowed to roam around may have more opportunities to fine tune their feline instincts, but they may also live shorter lives. Luckily, there is a balance and the answer lies with entertaining your indoor cat each and every day.

What They Need

Pet cats evolved as both predator and prey. To that end, it’s important to cultivate activities for them at home that not only allow these instincts to shine but welcome them with open arms.

Creating opportunities for your cat to hunt is essential to their happiness. Certain toys can help with luring your cat out of their hiding place, only to remove the “prey” when they try to pounce on it (think of those fishing line toys, or those with spiral wire attached to a fake bird or mouse).

I See You

Entertaining your cat can be as easy as providing a window perch, cat tree, wall climbers, catio or other interesting vantage point. They love to see the world from high up, and this position serves to make them feel protected and secure. You can hang a bird feeder outside the window nearby, or simply set them up in a sunny spot to groom and sleep in.

Toys Make the World Go ‘Round

There are many different cat toys to choose from. Consider your cat’s personality and interests and stock up on what they like. Catnip stimulates the sensory receptors that lead to the brain – try stuffing cat toys with catnip or rub it on the toy’s surface material. Entertaining your indoor cat may suddenly feel attainable!

Entertaining Your Cat Is Easy!

Many cat owners have found immeasurable success after adopting another pet. They may not get along instantly (unless you adopt them at the same time) but another household pet can help you with entertaining your indoor cat. Be sure to follow introduction guidelines, provide each of your pets with adequate space, and closely observe body language. 

Indoor Cat, Happy Cat

Our team at Paws, Purrs and Exotic Animal Hospital is always here to help you with questions or concerns. Because entertaining your indoor cat is one of the ways to achieve optimal feline wellness, we encourage you to contact us for more information.

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