May 23 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Avian Wellness

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Just like any other animal, a bird needs regular wellness checks to ensure the animal is in optimal health. Too many pet owners wait until their feathered friend is ill to seek help, however, but just as with other species, proactive care is essential to a healthy bird.

Finding a veterinarian well-versed in the care of birds is not always easy. Luckily Paws, Purrs & Exotics Animal Hospital is here to help you achieve the ultimate avian wellness plan.

Attention to Detail is Key

Knowing how to properly care for your pet is half the battle of keeping him or her well. When it comes to birds, though, there can be big differences between different species. Do your research about your individual pet, and don’t forget to ask us questions.

Be sure to:

  • Understand specific mineral and vitamin needs for your bird
  • Know what your bird’s roughage requirements are
  • Understand what treats are safe and in what amount
  • Research the best type and size of enclosure
  • Evaluate the location of the enclosure
  • Know about potential household toxins
  • Find out what temperature and humidity level your bird needs
  • Learn the best way to clean your pet’s environment

The vast majority of problems we see in exotic species and birds result from their owners not understanding their basic needs.

Important Avian Wellness Tasks

There isn’t much to debate; birds live longer, healthier lives when they receive regular veterinary care. We are here to help you with routine avian wellness items that will help better your pet’s quality of life.

Routine care for a bird should include:

Regular examinations Birds and other exotic species often do not show signs of illness until they are in a serious state. This makes doing routine examinations to monitor weight, feather growth, and overall well-being essential. Regular annual-to-biannual wellness examinations offer the chance to discuss general care or other minor concerns you might have.

Laboratory screening Screening blood tests to monitor red and white blood cell counts, liver values, glucose, electrolytes, and cholesterol can give us a lot of insight about your bird. Checking these things before there is an obvious problem can help us detect issues early and successfully treat them. We may recommend checking for serious infectious diseases, like chlamydophila, polyoma, and beak and feather disease.

Fecal testing Screening for intestinal parasites is a critical step in keeping your bird in tip-top shape. Giardia, coccidia, and roundworms are a detriment to any bird’s well-being.

Beak trimming The beak grows continuously throughout a bird’s lifetime, and if it begins to wear unevenly, it can cause pain or difficulty for your pet. Professional beak trimming is an important wellness task for birds.

Claw trimming Most birds need to have their claws trimmed; however, it must be done properly to avoid pain and damage to the bird. We are happy to assist you in pedicuring your pet when needed.

We want to see your bird when she is healthy. This isn’t just because we enjoy visits from our avian admirers, though. It is an important part of good bird care. Avian wellness is paramount, and we know that you will help us to achieve the best care possible for your bird.

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