Nov 14 2017

Roaming Near or Far: Tips for Traveling With Pets

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Thanksgiving marks the kick off of winter travel season, with airline flights being booked and road trips being carefully planned. For many families, bringing their pets along for the journey is a must, since any holiday gathering should include ALL your loved ones, even those with four legs.

Whether your pet is an experienced jet-setter or they’re completely new to travel, your friends at Paws, Purrs, and Exotics have some great tips for traveling with pets. Keep reading to learn more!

It’s All About Planning

Instead of waiting until the last minute, we recommend thinking ahead about your destination, your means of transportation, and all the needs you’ll have to address for your little travel buddy. There are a number of factors to consider before hitting the road:

  • Is your hotel or lodging pet-friendly? If you’re staying with family, make sure your pet is welcome inside (and not relegated to the garage or basement).
  • Are you flying with your pet? Flying entails many additional considerations for your pet’s safety, such as acquiring a health certificate, choosing a pet-friendly airline, and understanding the rules and regulations regarding air travel and the import of pets. Contact us to learn more.
  • Traveling by car? You’ll need a crate, carrier, or seatbelt harness that will keep your pet safe and secure.
  • What are your plans and will they accommodate your pet? If not, find a quality boarding facility or pet sitter to take good care of your pet while you’re away.
  • Thinking about traveling with an exotic pet? Some exotics are unsuitable for travel, which can pose a threat to their health. To learn more, please consult with your veterinarian.

Any pet should be travel-ready for a long journey, including being screened for behavioral and physical health. Make a pre-travel check-up for your pet so you have peace of mind knowing they’re ready for the journey ahead.

Packing for Your Pet’s Comfort

Nothing says home like your pet’s cozy bed or well-loved toy. When packing the essentials like food, treats, medications, medical records, ID tag with collar, leash, and so on, don’t forget to bring a few cherished items to help your pet stay calm and relaxed.

Tips for Traveling With Pets

Now that you and your furry road buddy are ready to roll, we have a few more tips for the open road:

  • Food and water – Any changes to your pet’s diet can result in tummy upset or diarrhea. Make sure you bring all your pet’s regular food, including treats. And always bring plenty of water for the long ride ahead.
  • Medical records – Keep a list of all current medications, as well as your pet’s records, in the event of sudden illness or injury. Also research nearby veterinary and emergency clinics in your destination city.
  • Vaccines and preventives – Talk to us about your upcoming trip. It may be necessary to discuss additional parasite protection or vaccines if the region has had a recent outbreak or ongoing issues with specific health threats.

Would you like more pet travel tips? Please call us. We’re here to help you ensure the best possible journey for you and your pet.

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